We are excited that our puppies will be arriving around the end of January 2022.  Topaz is expecting.  Mojo is the Sire.

I am taking names of interested families.

Deposits will be accepted after the pups are born so I have an accurate count of pups.

We will try to match a pup to your family. Deposits will be to hold a puppy.  It does not necessarily mean the order in which you pick a pup.

The deposit acts to hold your pup. Your deposit will be used toward the purchase of a puppy. This payment does not represent a contract for a purchase. As a breeder, I have reserved the right to exercise or not exercise a purchase contract all the way up to pick up time and signing of the purchase contract. A contract is not enforced until both you and I sign the contract.

After the pups are born, deposits are NONREFUNDABLE.

If the breeder decides she is not able to sell you a pup, up to the time of signing of the contract, your deposit will be refunded.